Strawberry Festival 2017

Benguet Strawberry Festival
(c) metrokelan

Strawberry Festival is an interesting concept launched in March 2015. The debut festival was held between 14th and 20th March in La Trinidad, Benguet.

The festival, just as the name suggests, was envisioned to promote the location as a top strawberry contributor in the area. The timing of the festival couldn’t be better as it is held just after the popular flower festival in Baguio. Tourists spending some time in this region can always enjoy a festival-filled holiday, certainly an unforgettable way to enjoy a Philippines holiday.

2017 Strawberry Festival Schedule of Activities

In the first edition of the Strawberry Festival, an Industrial Trade Fair was held to kick-start the festival. This trade fair brings together entrepreneurs with an interest in the agro-sector. One of the highlights of this festival is the Strawberry Lane which is held at the Municipal Park. Here, tourists get to enjoy a host of strawberry related products. Whether you would like to enjoy the succulent berries in the summer heat, or would prefer to buy products of the same, make sure to visit the Lane.

The strawberry competitions are also a notable part of the festival. Go ahead and test your culinary skills at the pastries section. Look out for the street extravaganza that is characterized by vigorous dancing, parade formations as well as a host of traditional rituals unique to Benguet.

The Strawberry Festival is a week-long event that fuses delicious snacks with long-standing traditions for an amazing holiday experience altogether. Locals and foreigners get to savor the culture in Benguet, all the while having fun.

Source: Philippines Travel Hub